One place to find any internal data

Outmind helps you finding the information you are looking for (mails, documents...), in the tools you use everyday.

Your time is valuable.

Don't lose it anymore with ineffective search.

8 h

spent per week looking for information without finding it (LAIM / IDC)


of working hours lost (Gartner)


files searches before finding the right one

Focus on the essential.

Search everywhere

One intuitive search for all your tools. Outmind immediately display the most relevant results.

Quickly integrate all your data points, thanks to our ready-to-use connectors
Our machine learning algorithms (NLP) allows to find misspelled elements
Custom integration: web page, browser extension, in-app integration

Find the right person

Automatically find who to ask for among your organization when you need more information.

Most of the files are unshared: we detect it to find who to ask for
Display of the 3 most relevant people you can immediately notify
No more time wasted sending emails or rewriting existing files

And way more...

Outmind is your companion in your daily work.

Bookmarks system

Set an alert when a modification occurs on your selected items to always stay up-to-date.


When many occurences exist, make sure you always get the best version of the document you need.


Our intent detection and document classification technologies automatically improves with usage.

Made for your teams

Outmind for HR and Knowledge Managers

  • • Increase productivity up to 40%
  • • Reduce distraction
  • • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing

Outmind for Sales & Marketing teams

  • • Improve customer success and retention
  • • Reduce bad transmission of information
  • • Increase reactivity

Outmind for IT & Information Services

  • • Improve adoption and usage of SAAS tools
  • • Reduce support
  • • Simplify rights & access management

Data confidentiality and security

Outmind is GDPR compliant, and fully commited to delivering a highly secure environment for each customer.

Data encryption

We don’t and will never have access to your data, which is encrypted end-by-end thanks to private and unique keys. Our API servers support HTTPS and all latest versions of TLS.

High confidentiality

Avoid any unwanted leak. By default, Outmind uses the existant access levels, and users can’t see the name nor the content of any unshared element.

Cluster isolation

Each client data is hosted on dedicated infrastructure physically separated from the data belonging to other customers. Our servers are all located in France.

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“I had several problems with file versioning: when collaborators can not find a file, they tend to create new copies, affecting data integrity. Outmind is a great answer to that"


International services

“The company has moved from the internal server to Google Drive. The transition to this new file architecture often blocks collaborators to find documents ...”



“I'm working in a startup, and I spend my time requesting access to documents from other teams on Drive. On Slack, I can't find files among all the messages ...”